Center for South Asia Studies: Violence and Creativity Workshop (Update)

An update on the Conference/Workshop I’ll be participating in this Saturday. You can see the full program here.  Or, see the info after the break:

Violence and Creativity: CSAS’ 2009 Graduate Student Workshop led by Dr. Ashis Nandy

Workshop | March 7 | 10 a.m.-3 p.m. | International House, Homeroom

Featured Speaker: Ashis Nandy

Sponsor: South Asia Studies, Center for
A one-day workshop led by Dr. Ashis Nandy, one of the leading social, cultural and political critics of India, in residence at the Center for South Asia Studies in March 2009.

This workshop features the unpublished work of advanced graduate students whose research focuses on the intersection between two opposite domains—social existence and creativity, on the one hand, and human destructiveness on the other, particularly as it relates to mass violence.

The following papers will be presented:

Considering Absence: The Spatiality of Loss, Violence, and Memory in District Six
Keerthi Potluri, Rhetoric, UC Berkeley

Electric Burns: Governmentality and its discontents in the French Banlieue Riots
Kevin Karpiak, Anthropology, UC Berkeley

Violent Self-making in Mehboob’s Aurat (1939)
Anupama Kapse, Film Studies, UC Berkeley

Marshalling Culture: Strategies of Japanese Mobilization in Taiwan, 1920-1945
Winifred Chang, History, UCLA

Courtly Imagination and the Aesthetics of Violence in the Veṇisaṃhara of Bhaṭṭa Narayaṇa
Luther Obrock, South & Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley

Please click on the event title for the detailed program.

Event Contact: 510-642-3608

via Center for South Asia Studies Calendar: Violence and Creativity.

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