Recent Publications by Kevin Karpiak on the Anthropology of Police (Fall 2016)

Things have been so busy this semester I haven’t even been able to keep up with spreading the word about my own work!  There are three major publications I wanted to let you all know about.  I have been working on some of these for several years now, and I’m very proud of them:

NOTE: The above links are preferred, but if you have trouble accessing any of the articles I mentioned above, try the following links:

*Karpiak, Kevin. 2016. “The Anthropology of Police” in The SAGE Handbook of Global Policing, Ian Loader, Ben Bradford, Beatrice Jauregui, Jonny Steinberg (eds.) Sage: Oxford.(,

**Karpiak, Kevin. 2016. “Terroir, Terreur, Terrasse: vectors of police and public in France after “Charlie Hebdo”.”  Anthropology Now 8(2):1-12. (,

***Karpiak, Kevin. 2016. “Introduction: No Longer Merely “Good to Think”: the new anthropology of police as a mode of critical thought.” Theoretical Criminology 20(4):419-429. (,

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