Syllabus — Ethnographies of Police.docx

Syllabus -- Ethnographies of Police.docx


4 thoughts on “Syllabus — Ethnographies of Police.docx”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this syllabus. My general intro to anthro students just finished Goffman’s “On the Run,” and we were talking about what an ethnography of the police rather than the ‘fugitives’ might look like. Glad to have a few to share with them, and may look to incorporating some of these readings the next time I teach this book.

  2. Hey!

    I’m a criminology phd student working on a police ethnography in Montreal (did my previous studies in anthropology). Hope to teach a similar class one day.

    This course Syllabus helps a lot! Any ways I could get my hand on additional material?


    1. I’d suggest checking out the resources at

      There’s plenty there now, and more to come soon, as we’re working on a collaborative project with APLA coming out of discussions at the last AAA meeting

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