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Politics and the Passions

I have a responsibility to offer a larger post on this issue, but a line from an article in today’s NYT on the re-emergence of the burqu/niqab/veil debate in France (of which, by the way, Nicolas Sarkozy seems to be switching sides since 2003) seems to simultaneously sum up the situation in France and demand an analysis via Albert Hirschman’s classic The passions and the interests:

“Passions have been so high that when domestic intelligence issued a report saying that only 367 women in France wore a full veil, it seemed to make no difference.”

via French Parliament to Investigate a Possible Ban on the Burqa and Niqab – NYTimes.com.

P.S. Check out a cameo from anthropologist John Bowen, author of Why¬† the French Don’t Like Headscarves